Eve's lines.


Tree of El I thought that men would develop their intelligence as they grew older, but I was wrong.
(Inputting enemy into the database)
'Banthus. An adult male. A rough appearance. Weak despite the strong build.'
What size of piece of El do I need in order to revive the race?
I hope that I can get the El over there.
Poor judgment, the tendency to use force rather than intelligence, and ineffective power compared to the large body...
...None of them makes it a beautiful thing.
Forest Ruins Phoru: a primitive species. Add to database.
I don't mind if you play hard tricks on men.
But it is very foolish of you to attack me.
White Mist Swamp There are many kinds of Phoru.
This species shows an especially sacred spirit...
...The disappearance of El is making creatures wild.
Mm, it is not something... ..unexpected...
El Energy is almost non-existent in this forest by now.
It means that we have not much to do here...


Shadow Forest (Inputting enemy into the database)
'Ent. A spirit of an old tree. Looks intelligent, but by now without Power of El, it is impossible to talk to them.'
A darkened forest...Its existence itself should be threatening to human beings.
Banthus Cave ...Database to be revised.
'Banthus. An adult male. Added-persevering...
Tends to disregard an enemy's abilities without reasonable grounds. An idiot.'
Even an idiot like this has subordinates and followers.
...This illogical way of is hard to understand.
Has particularly lower intelligence among other men. Trying to make the same mistakes...
Underground Waterway .........Revising the database.
'Banthus. An adult male. A mere idiot. No ability to learn from failures.
Zero possibility to develop in the future.'
...Must be because of my moods but the laser from the necklace of Banthus seems to have used the technologies of our race.
...Just my moods...They are not as simple as those for an idiot... ...Of course.
You...have zero ability to learn.
Just disappear. It will be good to the world by reducing the emission of carbon dioxide.
I come to this place to find the red-haired boy and his people...but...
This seems to be connected to sewage facilities.
There is this...horrible...smell...
The Suburbs of Wally's Castle So the name is William. Be more wise enough if you want to talk to me.
Situations led me to this but in fact, I don't enjoy fighting. It makes me tired.
I can detect something here and there in this castle. The signs from the mechanical device...
...Need to look into it.
Phoru truly...working hard to live...
Wally's Castle ......What was Core doing while I was asleep...
I, I never told to make this...
......Who on earth is claiming that this poor thing is a Nasod?
That is an insult to our race!!
...It seems that Core provided some technology in return for cooperation of men to collect El.
The technology used for this too poor. Not by the Nasod Core...
Seems that men who acquired our technology tried to make a similar thing...
......this is the worst...

..................What is this, this ugly tin?
...Is this a Nasod? A lie, lie!

Wally's Underground Laboratory These killing machines are not Nasods.
They've got no conscience, no ethics...
No, this is not a Nasod!
I don't know anything about anger but this may be anger. This must be anger!!!
People...people of this era are calling these Nasods...
Ugh.. Somehow, I feel that the circuit will be burned away...


Dragon Road Added to database.
'Lizardman race. Supposed to be amphibians. Belligerent and tough. Has a hierarchical society.'
The creatures of this era...seem to be dying to fight with others.
Bethma Lake A lake...It's been a long time that I am seeing a lake again.
...I don't know anything about emotions but looking at a lake, I feel that my overheated circuits are being cooled.
The head of a race has lost judging ability. Disqualified as the head.
It is good to see diverse places and add various creatures to the database.
...Though it is tiresome to fight anywhere I go...yeah...
Bethma Lake (Night) Added to database.
'Lizardmen at night. Can make themselves transparent. Thought that they could be detected through the heat detector for living creatures......
...But the detector seems to have defects. It is not working.
...A disaster...'
Lizardmen are specialized in battles.
In the ancient times, there was a fighting race called 'Saier'. Really belligerent.
The flaming totem...Though they are very primitive traps...
Surely, they are very effective.
...My clothes, scorched a little...ugh...
Dragon Nest The lowest creature among those I have met in this new era.
The strategies and tactics are poor enough...
Still they are so proud...This is hard to understand.
The laughter...makes me sick...
...Heat is bad for machines. We must get out...
Richie Mine ......That ugly thing last time, increased its power. ......
............Though quite far away from being like a Nasod...
Core researched and developed Nasods with the minerals from here...
In itself, it was wise...
...People of this age have come to call these intelligence-free robots as Nasods...
...I have mixed feelings.
Cargo Airship Nasod...Though a little, I can feel the sign of my race...
I am sure that Core has been making Nasods that are more like Nasods.
...That was destroyed by the boy... ....Ah.
That black thing with large gloves on...
Bionic technologies for Nasods have been applied.
Core's...very first work of art.
Dragon Nest: Abyss ...I don't want to see you. I refuse to see you.
I don't want to use up my energy for you.
Is this really a dragon? It looks different from what I saw in the database.
It's wounded, but it's still strong.
Rolling rocks?
Such primitive traps can't stop me, the Queen of the Nasods.


The Black Crow -Inputting enemy into the database-
'Raven. A human male. A subject of the experiment chosen by King Nasod. It seems he may also experience emotions.'
An experiment to combine a human with a Nasod...the mind control equipment added to it.
I didn't program Core for this...What happened?
I understand your fury. But we are machines.
We would choose the most effective way without any emotions involved.
...But, clearly, the method taken by Core was much stronger than I expected.
As the designer of Core, I am so you.
Return Plains ...Rest in peace, my race.
...My race...I still detect their faint signs.
The sings of my race who disappeared asleep in this place for several hundreds of years...
...There are spores affecting the mechanical devices.
We must pay a little attention.
There are traces of so many experiments done by Core...
If the experiment went on, there must been Nasods with their selves...
Transporting Tunnel B4-1 (Inputting enemy into the database)
'Alterasia. A parasitic plant. Living off abandoned experiment subjects. Requires little energy to spread poisonous spores.
Analysis, judgment, disposal, and removal.'
Nasods, though made as subjects for an experiment, were bore by Core.
Please do not disturb their rest.
Altera Plains ...Why did Core...make Nasods specializing in battles?...
...Something is strange. I asked Core to make Nasods with itself.
There is no reason to make only these types for battles...
...While I was asleep, what happened to Core?...
Nasod Foundry ...I ordered the Core to craft the Nasods automatically...
...But this is 'a plant for Nasods specializing in battles'...
No reason for Core to actively prepare for battles.
What, what happened?
Strange...there is no battle my work...
While I was asleep...What was Core...making?
Altera Core ...What is this? The code has been contaminated! Someone has changed my input!
This is a program crafting Nasods for battles...Something is wrong!
It is different from my design...
It has been changed for mass-produced Nasods for battles! Did someone creep in while I was asleep?
Transporting Tunnel: Contaminated Area ...What is this? This is too much. My race made by Core, though incomplete.
I don't want their rest to be disturbed like this!
Preying on Nasods and mimicking that barbaric boy...
...Terrible. We shall not allow its existence itself.
I don't want to destroy the ecosystem but this time I will do my best to exterminate them.
...The land where I was asleep. The land where my race was asleep has come to this state...
Based on the boy's data preserved by Core just in case, it has evolved into a stronger creature.
...If so, on this occasion, I will pour my regret and fury on the boy to you.
Please hold. It will hurt a little.


Shrine of Dedication Entrance Adding database.
'Durahan, supposed to belong to the Demons.
A steel armor outside and only a lump of energy inside.
Impossible to judge whether it has own will or self.'
...The energy flow is unstable.
Something similar to this sense seems to be in the database...
A noise in data. What is...this?
I cannot predict but based on the information inside the dungeon,
there is a high probability that it would develop into something bad.
For correct identification of the situation, we need more information.
Spiral Corridor No matter how huge you are, you are just a rock...
That primitive way cannot defeat me.
Overpowered by that stupid thing and showing a pathetic look...
...Ugh...this is insulting...
Flying over and striking helter skelter...
No dignity while the appearance tells a different story.
Well, a good quality as a leader.
If you need to lead, you'd better learn this.
Underground Chapel Humans would call the energy floating formlessly ghosts or spirits and are very scared of them. ...It is hard to understand.
Demons handling spirits.
A spirit...I can only sense them via knowledge.
A very old structure. An artificial one.
Not used for a long time...
A corporate body of energy without a material structure...
Same like those that humans call ghosts. It was a little tricky to fight off.
Underground Garden (Inputting enemy into the database)
'Plant Overlord. A plant-type monster. Will get violent when its vital energy is little. Tentacle-like branch weapon. Requires rapid removal as it might have high-risk factors...'
The power of El is being detected. There must be a power of El somewhere around here....
...The change of waves is a little strange. This is...nothing like normal waves of El.
Someone decorated this garden. I am sorry to that someone but it stands in my way so I will remove it.
There are artificial tinges here and there.
Not those of natural-born plants but someone may have planted them with a purpose.
...I don't know who that is but must be a perverted mind.
The Heart of Spire ...Adding database.
'Cutty Sark'. Estimated to be a type of wyvern. Doesn't look like it has great fighting skills but it is able to fly.
...It looks like that is all. To be destroyed after shooting down.
Response of the energy of El was detected. It is full of traces of a highly concentrated power of El.
But...the responses of these strange foreign materials are also very significant. What happened?...
Why does the crossbow shot based on my correct trajectory calculation keep missing?...
...It may be that the high density of magic power here is making the program confused.
...I am not making excuses!
It seems that this crossbow will lead us to an easier battle...
Frankly, it is not really easy to use.
Altar of Dedication This is the altar in which the gate from devildom was open through energy of El. Though it is closed now...
That means that energy of El has been consumed away...
...It looks like I can't find energy that I can use here...
Creatures can have this level of destructive power without using technology...
This is amazing. Even if it is primitive power...This tells us that they are very powerful.
Quit all exploration of Feita Shrine. Find the cause of the problem and delete.
Completed...All of you, thank you for your hard work.
(Shoo-) Minus energy is (Shoo-) flowing everywhere.
Commander of the demons....(Shoo-) How come that existence lets out that strong energy (Shoo-) flow...
Ah...This confusion in this sensor...?


Residential Area 3 The demon's capture of Velder is almost a cold fact.
But I must get in to find more about it.
The same energy changes as those in Feita detected.
But the gate larger than that in Feita was opened from inside.
Feita must have been an experiment for dimension movement.
The demons are living in a different dimension of this world.
It is hard to fight as we have little information...
Still, it is lucky that we have dealt with them a little in Feita.
Hope Bridge Dark Elves Troop...! The troop has been trained hard and is a strong one.
I am sure that this invasion has been prepared for a long time.
Harmful to El, the source of our energy...
This one must be excluded.
Elves have physical organs so ineffective for combat.
Logically, it is hard to understand!...
Palace Entrance These barbaric weapons have no means of communications and their purpose is solely for destruction.
I pity the demons for their low level of technological advancement.
I hate heat! I'm the Queen of the Nasods. I can't be sooty!
Put out that fire, now!
Burning Hope Bridge I thought soul is just another word describing the mind. I'm surprised that it does exist.
Setting things on fire can overload your control unit. Stop it now before I make you.
Commercial Area 1 Is this a ghost? I've never seen such an illogical flow of energy.
I want to write a high-leveled code and analyze it.
The demons are becoming more threatening.
Maybe it's wiser to stay back for a while.
Southern Gate The demons are making strong resistance. We need a new strategy to ensure our victory.
I've never imagined that I'd have to retreat from combat.
I should analyze the combat data of the demons once again.
Velder's Hallucination This is what you call a hallucination? If this is what you call a dream, I don't ever want to fall asleep again...
There is nothing we can do right now...
There is a reality but we need to find the modification information first!
This is to benefit those who study alchemy...not to be used to destroy others!


Resiam Outskirts Ha ha ha~ What an evil feeling very hard to resist!
Let's detonate this evil aura bomb!
Hamel, the city of water. Is this the beautiful city that everyone was talking about?
Sunken Resiam The water has been flowing in like crazy! Let's go find the answer to the problem!
This is a battle between the low class creatures!! And they won't be able to beat a person like me!
It's hard to move underwater...I've had enough of this salt water...let's get out of here!
Ancient Waterway The spirits of the ancient ruins live on but now you can fully rest...
I guess we should concentrate harder for the device!
I am starting to feel the old powers come back...
Heart of the Ancient Waterway I wish the bad aura disappeared faster!
The ancient Nasod's behavior is becoming unacceptable!
I hate seeing him run around like that!
Magmanta's Cave The spiders are trying to bite me! I must fend them off!
I feel the power of the El...I am certain it's behind here somewhere!
This cave is very complex...I can't stand it in here anymore!
Temple of Frozen Water How can all of this water freeze? Someone has to be responsible for this!
Ah, the ice is freezing! There is no more water!
The priest is called the Avalanche...I am not quite sure as to what is going on here...
Halls of Water Ran is the most evil guy out there!
The Water Priestess is regaining her powers back~
I feel very this because of Ran?

Henir's Time and Space

Henir's Time and Space A nice place to practice combat simulations. I want to be challenged.
In the ancient times, there were more spaces of more severe ordeals.
This is an easy job.
Eve quits time and space exploration. Converting to a normal phase.

Event Dungeon

Mission Impossible This is nothing. I'm the Nasod Queen. Enough said.
Tears of Ruben Forest How can you destroy a forest that was here a few thousand years ago? A forest can never be made again without planting more trees, the Nasods need to stop cutting them down!

All Stages

All Stages Silly. See how probable it is for you to win.
Don't these creatures of this era have that intelligence?
You and I have different fighting levels.
Please make a wise choice.
I was once the queen of Nasods. This is a piece of cake.
Situation over. EVE, the battle mode is being cancelled.

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