Why farm EP4 story mode!Edit

It offers the following rewards, that can be earned in as fast as half an hour to an hour on a new character on average:

  • 7 Triboost 50
  • 8 Triboost 100
  • 80 Stargems

By deleting and recreating the character slot, you can earn these rewards every 24 hours!

Choosing your starter class!Edit

Bouncer is recommended as it is one of the classes that starts off with a movement skill, Gran Wave, and also comes with Double Jump. Braver is another choice having Gurren Tessen, however it is much slower.

The Jet Boots will be used for movement while Dual Blade Normals are used for damage.

Hero skilltree and gear!Edit

Eventually you will unlock Hero on the character, which you will then add skillpoints to the following:

  • First Blood
  • Next Jump
  • Aura High Charge
  • H Attack Bonus (1SP)
  • Hero Boost Prequsitie (5SP)
  • Hero Weapon Bonus

As for gear, I would recommend the following, affixed with Power III and Spirita III and relevant Soul:

  • Space Tuna Sword
  • Weapons Barrier Unit x3 (From EP4 story)

Getting to free fields and unlocking Hero!Edit

New characters need to unlock and clear up to Forest Exploration for the account wide fields to unlock. Furthermore, Koffie's Hero unlock order requires Affin's quest to be cleared.

The following is the unlock order:

  • Zawoodan Subdual
  • Fangulf Subdual (Take Affin's quest beforehand)
  • Dagan Extermination (Take Koffie's quest beforehand)
  • Forest Exploration

It is recommended to rush to the end of the map with no partners for quick clears.

After clearing Forest Exploration, all the fields unlocked on your account should be available to your new character.

Clearing free fields!Edit

EP4 story and rewards are locked behind 4 free fields that you must clear:

  • Forest Exploration
  • Tundra Exploration
  • Skyscape Exploration
  • Las Vegas Exploration

Of note:

  • For Tundra, Tundra Bros kill order can be taken.
  • Las Vegas is the only one out of the 4 that requires a point clear. If you can, find another party running it to lessen the point gaining.

Getting your rewards!Edit

Afterwhich, its as simple as clearing EP4 back to back. Be sure to have your Esc Enter skills. You do not have to clear the story all at once, you can take a break inbetween. Good luck!