Why use a specialised set and run featured quests!Edit

With the introduction of the pet auto attack ring, clearing featured quests has become much easier! Clearing featured quests can gain you the following keys:

  • Tokyo Silver Key: EXP
  • Tokyo Gold Key: Alot of EXP
  • Magatsu Silver Key: 10 SG and EXP
  • Magatsu Gold Key: 30 SG and EXP
  • Izane Key: ...some EXP

As you will need to clear some quests related to the featured free field to maintain daily 50 triboost, running all feaured quests along the way is recommended!

Featured Quest Rotation!Edit

The following is the Featured Quest daily rotation order:

Roar of the Dragon (Sanctum) A World Engulfed in Shadows (Ultimate Boss Rush) Winged Border Breaker (Corupted Naberius) Chaotic Darkness (Facility) Darkness from Chaos (Forest)

Tips for specific quests!Edit

Arks Quests

  • Dagan Extermination Forest: Head to A2 East end of the late for a Briada code that gives alot of points
  • Mech Power Survey Desert: The map area where the mech codes occur are always the same in each instance, so circle back to the same spot to trigger the same codes over and over again.
  • Tundra Regional Survey: Head to the end of the map for King Yedi code that gives alot of points
  • Mech Power Survey Tunnels: Guardines (the pack of five floating sentries) give a ton of points, so circle back to their area
  • Distress Signal Investigation: You can ignore the code and move away from it, itll auto clear on its own
  • Lilipan Settlement Defense: Bring a party of all Hero or all Su and they will clear the code with ease for you

Featured Quests

  • Winged Border Breaker: Let the bosses destroy the airplane and youll be able to advance with no penalty

Gear/Class Recommendation!Edit


  • Rose Skewer with Pet Aero/Torim with Aero Stab
  • Saiki Set for maximum PP
  • L/Near Auto Target
  • R/Attack Advance
  • Crafted Safoie Type 0 for movement

Pet Candy

  • 3 Spirita Candy Stick 3 Spirita Cookie for PP
  • 2 Two layer Pancake for attribute
  • 1 Body 2 React Cookie for defense 
  • 1 Luxury Parfait for PP recovery
  • 1 Spirited Parfait for 40% Normal Damage

Mainclass can be anything you want, Subclass is Summoner

Earning your keys!Edit

An A-S rank minimum is needed to qualify for a key. Be sure to kill all enemies along the way which gurantees a ranking!